Cruelty Free is the Goal

To start, I am by no means an expert when it comes to cruelty-free products, BUT I have spent the last couple of years trying to find the right products for our family to transition to. I was looking specifically for products not tested on animals, with vegan ? being a great bonus, and those that aren’t ridiculously expensive. Throughout my search I found a ton of lists and info of products to avoid and I quite honestly I found it all a bit overwhelming. I found myself asking, are there any products that aren’t tested on animals?!

The short answer is “YES!!” there are! And a lot of them are affordable. Here is the list of cruelty-free products used and approved by my family 🙂


We’ve completely transitioned to Honest Company products for our kiddos bath time and every day lotion for the entire family. We purchase all our Honest products through Amazon Smile Subscribe and Save.


Arbonne’s products are cruelty-free and include both beauty products as well as vegan nutrition options. You can purchase these products online through an Arbonne Consultant.


Beautycounter is another company with great cruelty-free and clean beauty and kiddo products. You can purchase these products online through a Beautycounter consultant.


We absolutely love Method bar and hand soaps and there are lots of yummy scents to choose from. We purchase both soaps at Target.


We finally found a great, low-cost shampoo and conditioner line for a lightweight, every day wash, Live Clean. The best part is that it’s cruelty-free! Available at Kroger.


Seventh Generation has become a staple brand in our household for everyday cleaning to our daily loads of laundry and dishes! We purchase our Seventh Generation products from Kroger.


I’m super happy about Love Beauty and Planet’s cruelty-free dry shampoo and we are currently exploring some of their other products options with wonderful scents! Found at Target.


We finally found a natural, cruelty-free deodorant that actually works, Native! Available in options for both men and women and can be found online or in Target stores.

Hopefully ?? this helps in your search for cruetly-free products. We’ve certainly found that transitioning our home to cruelty-free, cleaner products hasn’t been too hard. And the knowledge that innocent animals aren’t suffering so we can clean the house, ourselves, and maybe even look a bit prettier is 100% worth the minimal effort.