GEAR's Foster Space

Greatest Endearment Animal Rescue has taken several years and a big dream to come to fruition! One of the criteria for our new home search was that it must have a space to foster animals. We envisioned a room, or space, where we could keep at risk animals safe, loved, and fed until a rescue partner had capacity to take them on. Once we found our house, with the perfect rescue space, it didn’t take much time until GEAR was built and ready to start saving lives!

While the dream of GEAR started several years ago, the name Greatest (Max) Endearment (Chuckie) Animal Rescue came about after the loss of 2 of our cherished fur babies in 2017 and 2018. What a special coincidence that the meaning behind 2 of our beloved cats had such a beautiful connection to how we feel about the animals we are able to rescue.

GEAR officially “opened” its door, yes just 1 door!, in July of 2019. Having the ability to partner with wonderful local rescues, directly help save animals, all as a family, is truly a dream come true!

CURRENT STATUS OF GEAR: With a family move in the summer of 2021 GEAR’s door was sadly closed. However, in the nearly 2 years we ran GEAR we were able to foster and adopt out 20 cats and kittens! And one day we hope to be able to open something even bigger and better down in SW Florida. More to come on that…

Please Note: GEAR is not established as a non-profit organization. However, that may change as we continue to grow and expand our business! If you would like to make a non-tax deductible donation please contact us at [email protected].