Just One More

As we embark on a new venture through Animal Rescue Talk, the opening of our online shop earlier this year, we realized “Just One More” was our unique campaign and a great way to get the word out about animal adoption.  Animal Rescue Talk was started in 2014 with a strong underlying passion to save each and every animal that ends up in American shelters.  With a little research and a leap of faith our first blog was published What if We Could Save Them All.  It is the essence of Animal Rescue Talk through and through, even still today.  Our one and only goal is and always will be to save them all.

Back in 2014 the research showed that if only 11% of animal owning homes adopted JUST ONE MORE then we could clear out all the shelters.  Over the last several years, despite a lot of hard work being completed at shelters and rescues across our great nation, the intake and euthanization numbers still haven’t changed too dramatically.  With that said we,  Animal Rescue Talk along with the many others who fight to save lives each and every day, are not giving up!  From the social media engines to shelter and rescue networks, dedicated volunteers and shelter workers, spay and neuter campaigns, and the increasing knowledge around adoption, one day we will save them all!

Our friends at Shattles Communications were kind enough to put together the infographic shown in the featured image above to help explain our Just One More campaign in a more visual manner.  We hope it helps to drive shop sales, spread the word about animal adoption, and in return save the lives of very deserving shelter animals.  For every animal that is adopted, a new animal can be saved.

Speaking of animal adoptions, after just a handful of months of running our online shop we have already been able to work with 4 rescues to help sponsor adoption fees and/or provide extra care for 5 animals during their search for a forever home.  All of it was made possible thanks to purchases from our shop; 50% of the shops proceeds go towards animals in need!  Be sure to check out all our shop products, many with our signature “Just One More” slogan.

Meet some of the animals we’ve been able to help thanks to purchases from our shop!