Rescued Is My Favorite Breed

You’ve seen the saying before but it is so very true…rescued pets are the best and they truly are my favorite breed. If you have ever adopted a pet you know exactly what I am talking about. Rescued animals are the most loving and appreciative roommates you will ever have! If you are on the fence about adopting, rather than buying, here are just a handful of reasons you should highly consider adopting your new best friend:

  • Most rescue groups or shelters adoption fees include spay/neuter, full vaccinations, and a mircrochip. Plus adoption fees are typically WAY less than buying from a breeder.
  • Your new best friend will come with a built in fan club! From their actual rescuers, shelter volunteers, and especially their fosters, they were loved and will always hold a special place in their hearts too! However, with that comes the responsibility of sending lots of pictures and updates of course!
  • You are their hero. Plain and simple, you gave them a home they so desparately needed and somehow they just seem to know that!
  • In today’s world it seems as though the bad can outweigh the good. Adopting, and saving a life, is one small way to create some more good in this world. Good for you, good for the animal, good for shelters and great for the other animals they can save in their place!
  • Animal shelters and rescues have just about any pet you could ever dream of; dogs, cats, kittens, puppies, guinea pigs, bunnies, horses, etc. The list goes on and on of animals looking for their forever homes, including purebreds!
  • Rescues typically know the animals very well and can match you with the perfect companion. If we can find a fit for our crazy crew we are pretty sure anyone can!

Whatever your concerns may be about adopting, I promise they will be outweighed once you bring your rescued pet home. Of course they will likely need some time to adjust to their new environment but once they have settled in you will be given the gift of unconditional love and a furry companion that will be forever grateful for their second chance. So get to your local shelter or rescue group and do some good, save a life today!