Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet

Adopting a less adoptable pet is truly one of the most rewarding experiences!

What do we mean by “less adoptable”?

Here are a handful of examples

  1. Animals missing eyes, limbs, or with visible differences

2. Breeds, such as pit bulls, who may have a bad rep for no fault of their own

3. The shy animals

4. Animals with chronic health issues

5. Adult and senior animals

All of these types of animals can have a harder time finding loving homes and are the most at risk of being euthanized for space. When you take the time to seek out the animals that might have a harder time being adopted, and give them a real chance, you will not be disappointed!

We adopted Moore back in January and he was a cat that we believe would have had a hard time finding a forever family. Moore was a senior cat with some health and behavior issues that made him a tough candidate for adoption. Luckily for his sake he was at a no-kill shelter and had been for 5 years, so he wasn’t necessarily at risk of being euthanized but he was at risk for spending his remaining years in a shelter instead of a home. Some may argue that is an OK outcome for an animal but we think every animal should be able to experience the love of a family in their very own home. Equally (or arguably greater) lucky for Mr. Moore, our son decided he was the one for our family after our first trip to the shelter!

Moore is a goofy cat and makes us laugh on the regular with his crazy playfulness and energy, even as an old man! He loves to watch TV, play with the laser pointer, lay in the sun, window sills, and next to us whenever he can. He still battles with some health and behavior issues (although all are significantly improved) but seeing him enjoy the freedom and space of a home, the fresh air from the windows, and the love we are able to provide him with is a wonderful thing.

We aren’t sure how long we will be blessed with enjoying Moore as part of our family, but we do know we are grateful for the time we have with him and we think he is too! Adopting him, instead of a younger cat or kitten, was definitely the right choice for our family 🙂


4 responses to “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet”

  1. Wonderful example to teach your children the act of thinking of others through adopting the harder to adopt older animals ! ❤️🐱🐶