Dear Chuckie

Dear Chuckie,

When we met several years ago I had no idea that you would impact my life in such a wonderful way.  You and your brother Miles had been abandoned by your family and left out in the streets to fend for yourself.  You were already an old guy by then, 10 or 12, and had no front claws but somehow you survived until some kind rescuers saved you.  You were the big bully in your free-roaming room at the shelter and would pick on all the other old guys.  You only wanted some attention at first and if it was too much you’d try to bite me with your toothless mouth to let me know – – I hate to tell you, but it didn’t hurt 🙂  I’m not sure when it happened, at what moment, but at some point, I just knew you were meant to be my boy. 

After nearly 8 years of volunteering in animal rescue I have bonded with many cats and dogs but none like the bond we shared.  We tried to adopt you several years back but the shelter manager turned us down because we were trying to get pregnant.  Looking back, I wish I would have pushed her harder to give us a chance.  Now that you are gone I’m having lots of regrets, why didn’t I push harder for you back then?  Why didn’t I take you after that shelter manager left earlier this year?  Or your last night when we discussed it as an option?  I was always trying to do what was right for you, your health, and your happiness, because you couldn’t tell me what you wanted but in the end, I don’t know if I did.

I do know when you became an “out” cat and you were the king of the halls and vet room, you LOVED your life at the shelter, as strange as that may sound.  In your last few years, you became more sociable and loving.  You would sit in my lap for love and look up at me with your beautiful eyes and your handsome smile!  That was of course until you had to make sure things were still running smoothly and/or you had to get a drink from the sink.  You were always a busy guy – no time for sleep or too much laying around.  Your personality was bigger than life and you made a huge impact on everyone you met.  And I know you had other “girls” at the shelter but I know you knew I was your mom and you were part of our family.  You were such a wonderful cat brother to our little boy Pierson too.  We both miss our special trips to the shelter to visit with you.

In the end, your body failed you my sweet boy.  I knew you still had the will and desire to live but your old body was shutting down.  Based on your blood work you shouldn’t have been alive, yet you were.  You were such a fighter and I admire you so for your desire to live.  We couldn’t tell if you were in pain but you were losing weight fast and sleeping more and more.  You left a big hole in my heart Chuckie, but I will make sure you will live on through me via my future animal rescue work, and I will be forever grateful that I met you and could be your mom.  Thank you for being you and for all the love you showed me. 

Love always,

Your Mom

6 responses to “Dear Chuckie”

  1. Sounds like you both made a big impact on each other’s lives. You were treasures to each other. Peace and healing memories for you.