Our Just One “Moore”

After losing our beloved Mr. Max, we knew our family would one day be open to adding another furry family member. Although the heartbreak was intense, our love of animals was still strong and our desire to give a deserving cat a home was unwavering. We know there are so many wonderful animals sitting in shelters or foster homes waiting for their forever homes to find them and we were finally ready to do just that. We were at a point where we had room in both our home and hearts and that’s when Moore walked in.

Our first of three shelter visits – – finding the right fit can take some time!

We don’t have the easiest home for a new animal to come into. We have young children, a dog, and a sassy senior cat. So we knew it would take some time to find a cat that was confident enough and up to the challenge of joining our crew! After three several hour visits to a local no-kill shelter with literally 100s of cats to meet, all of which deserve a loving home, we made our final decision and his name was Moore. Our “Just One Moore”!

We met Moore on our first visit to the shelter. My son Pierson and I happened to stop in one of the dozens free-roaming rooms while we were waiting on one of the adoption coordinators to take us to meet some more cats and up walked Moore, rubbed on Pierson, sat next to him and just stared up at him. The pair hung out like that for some time and I’m pretty sure it was then that they both chose each other. Even after a couple more visits and after meeting a ton of wonderful, kid friendly, confident cats, there was one that Pierson always went back to, Mr. Moore!

Moore had been at the shelter for 5 years. He arrived after his owner sadly had to give him and his 4 other cats up due to a cancer diagnosis. Moore was well known among the shelter volunteers because he was always dressed in a cute shirt! He is 9 years old, on a couple medications, wears a shirt so he doesn’t bite at himself, has some sinus congestion, and is on a special diet. With all that said he was’t an ideal candidate for adoption but we also knew if we weren’t his family maybe one wouldn’t come for him. Plus, Pierson was pretty darn adamant about Moore being his cat!

Reading to Moore back in 2017 during a shelter visit!

What sealed the deal for us was not one but two very clear signs, or what we took them as at least. While going through some family photos we saw a picture from nearly 2 years earlier of Pierson reading to a cat during a shelter visit and it was none other than Moore! And then just a few days later we were reading some books and happened to find one that our beloved Chuckie “gifted” to Pierson a few years back and who was on the cover, yep, it was Moore again! At that point we knew he was meant to be our next boy and we notified the adoption team of our final decision!

Moore was in need of a dental and the shelter very kindly offered to have it done before we brought him home. We visited him several times over the next couple of weeks while we waited for his dental and recovery. We wanted to make sure he didn’t forget us and of course we were getting eager to bring him home!

And on a cold, rainy Wednesday evening we were finally able to adopt our boy and bring Moore home!

It has been just over 2 weeks since Moore has been home with us. Following the adoption team’s advice we set up a room just for Moore and allowed him nearly a week to get a bit more comfortable with us and in his new space before introducing him to our other critters and the whole house. Once initial introductions were complete with both Maddie & Mila and he was able to roam the house it didn’t take more than a few days for Moore to become relaxed and a great new addition to the family. Well…Maddie may not agree; she still isn’t a big fan of our decision to adopt another cat, but we hope over time she will also accept him as part of our family too!

Welcome to the family Mr. Moore, we are so happy you are here!

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  1. Love this!! Talk about amazing signs that Moore was meant to be a part of the family. He is one lucky cat to have found his new parents and kiddos ?